Essential Information
This excursion will operate by coach and on foot. The journey to Petra will take approximately 2 hours each way. This tour involves extensive walking with a total walking distance of approximately 5 to 6 miles over undulating terrain. Whilst the ground is mainly sandy, in places it can be rough, stony and uneven. You should stay in the company of your guide for the inbound walk to the site, which means it is not feasible to do the tour at your ‘own pace’. Inside the site guests will be given free time to explore and will return to the lunch venue independently.
Horses are available at the entrance of Petra at Elji to ride to the entrance of the Siq only, however due to our concerns for your safety, even experienced riders are strongly recommended not to use this form of transport and the horses are not permitted to pass through the Siq.
There are carriages available to ride both on the way in and out at an extra cost, which you can independently arrange. Again, carriages are not advisable due to concerns for your safety and you will not be able to follow the group, thus missing out on the guide’s briefing, to do so would be at your own risk.
It is advisable to wear comfortable, flat walking shoes, a hat and a light, long-sleeved top to protect your arms and shoulders. It is recommended that you take a bottle of water with you. Wearing sun block is highly recommended as you will be in the sun for most of the day. It can also become cold and windy, so please bring a jacket. There are bathroom facilities at the Visitors’ Centre and half way through the walking tour, after the Treasury and at the end of the tour. Coaches will be equipped with toilets and there are facilities available upon arrival at Petra. Please note that credit cards are not accepted inside. Due to its popularity Petra can often become crowded, particularly when high numbers of people are walking through the Siq. This tour is not suitable for guests with walking difficulty, breathing and heart problems.
ACTIVITY EXCURSIONS, You and all those in your party should be aware that, in undertaking activity excursions, you will be involved in a degree of physical exertion and/or activity such as hiking, biking, snorkelling, kayaking, diving etc. By booking the excursion you confirm that you and all those in your party are in good physical and mental condition, with no history of conditions such as seizures, dizziness, fainting, heart condition, respiratory problems or back/neck problems (by way of example only). You should also ensure that no one in your party is taking medicine that carries a warning about impairment of physical or mental abilities. If you are pregnant this type of excursion may not be appropriate for you. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit and well enough to take part in the activities booked and you are reminded to take care for your own safety. Because of the risks associated with activity excursions, you may be asked by the excursion provider to sign a document which may affect or limit the excursion provider’s liability. Comfortable flat walking shoes are recommended. BEACH/WATER RELATED EXCURSIONS, For any excursion involving water, passengers are reminded to exercise particular care. Alcohol and eating a full meal should be avoided before swimming. If buoyancy aids are provided for an activity they must be worn at all times. You should bear in mind that the sea is unpredictable. Lifeguards are unlikely to be present and there may not be a flag system to indicate whether or not it is safe to go in the water. In addition, beach activities may not be supervised or accompanied and so you should take care to satisfy yourself as to the safety of the beach and/or the sea at the time of your excursion. Please exercise caution when entering the sea as the seabed and aquatic environment is capable of springing surprises and we have not inspected the beach or seabed for its safety. Children must be supervised by you at all times near water. All activities on the beach, water and in the sea are undertaken at your own risk. You’ll need to take swimwear, a towel, sunscreen and flat shoes that can be worn in the water. SCUBA DIVING, All passengers wishing to participate in a certified dive tour must hold a PADI open water scuba certification or BSAC Ocean Diver certification. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate divers with either a PADI Junior Open Water or a PADI Scuba Dive rating due to the depth limitations imposed by these qualifications. In line with the recommendations by the sports-diving industry, we strongly recommend that divers undertake a refresher course if they have not been diving within the last six months. You must be aged 15 or over, carry your dive certification card with you and we recommend that you carry your diving log or proof that you’ve recently completed a refresher course. If you are a certified diver, but are unable to meet our requirements we recommend taking the Discover Scuba excursion as an alternative. For Discover Scuba courses you don’t need any scuba experience but you must be 15 or over and be able to swim. You’ll also need to complete a medical/liability consent form before you go - but if you suffer from asthma, diabetes, heart problems or other medical conditions you won’t be able to take part. Please visit for more information.