Essential Information
Essential information. This tour operates in convoy with one lead driver who will provide a short commentary at each stop. Due to language limitations, there will be no commentary en route. This tour is not suitable for pregnant women or children under the age of eight. Those with injuries or conditions that may be affected by a bumpy ride should not participate. The mountain road is chalk limestone and guests will experience dust generated by the 4-wheel drive vehicle. There are no toilet facilities available during the tour. This tour involves some winding roads at height and is unsuitable for guests with vertigo. Flat, comfortable shoes are recommended. Before you book this excursion you must refer to the ‘Activity Excursion’ paragraphs under the Guide to Symbols in this brochure., ACTIVITY EXCURSIONS, You and all those in your party should be aware that, in undertaking activity excursions, you will be involved in a degree of physical exertion and/or activity such as hiking, biking, snorkelling, kayaking, diving etc. By booking the excursion you confirm that you and all those in your party are in good physical and mental condition, with no history of conditions such as seizures, dizziness, fainting, heart condition, respiratory problems or back/neck problems (by way of example only). You should also ensure that no one in your party is taking medicine that carries a warning about impairment of physical or mental abilities. If you are pregnant this type of excursion may not be appropriate for you. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit and well enough to take part in the activities booked and you are reminded to take care for your own safety. Because of the risks associated with activity excursions, you may be asked by the excursion provider to sign a document which may affect or limit the excursion provider's liability. Comfortable flat walking shoes are recommended., LIABILITY, P&O Cruises will arrange for the excursions to be performed by the relevant excursion provider. P&O Cruises does not provide or supply the excursion services. P&O Cruises will exercise reasonable care and skill in the selection of the excursion provider, but will not in any circumstances have a greater liability than the excursion supplier and P&O Cruises shall not be responsible for the negligent acts/omissions of the excursion supplier. Please note that in relation to all excursions P&O Cruises is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or injury sustained by you unless such loss, damage or injury arises out of a breach of legal duty of P&O Cruises., TRAVEL INSURANCE, Before booking any activity excursions it is essential that you ensure your travel insurance extends to cover the specified activity. It is your responsibility to obtain adequate insurance.