Useful Information

Emergency drills

Before sailing we carry out an emergency drill to ensure you are fully aware of all on board safety and emergency procedures. Attendance is compulsory for all passengers. 

Smoking on board

Smoking is not permitted in cabins or on your private cabin balcony; however you may smoke in designated areas on the open decks. Please do not to throw any cigarette ends, cigars or matches over the ship’s side as these may be drawn into openings on the ship’s sides and cause a fire. When you discard these items, please ensure they are extinguished properly using the ashtrays provided on the open decks. Electronic cigarettes, including those which do not emit smoke, are permitted in designated smoking areas only.

Liquor and Tobacco on board

Duty Free Liquor products sold via the shops will only be available for take ashore purposes. You may order via the shops (detailed below) at any time throughout the cruise, however you will only be able to collect your orders during the final two days of the cruise.

Tobacco and Cigarette products can be bought via the shops at any time and taken away immediately.

For your reference the duty free shops are located in the below locations by ship:

Arcadia - Main Shops - Deck 3 

Aurora - Piccadilly Court - Deck 6 

Azura - Emporium - Deck 6 

Britannia - Liquor and Tobacco shop - Deck 6 

Iona – Main Shops - Deck 7 

Oceana - Bond Street Shops - Deck 6 

Oriana - Liquor and Tobacco Booth - Deck 7 

Ventura - Emporium - Deck 6

If a you would like to purchase a bottle of spirits for in cabin consumption during your cruise you must order via room service and details of the service can be located within the in cabin directory.

Drinks prices are very similar to those on the high street with the added advantage that we’ll bring them to you, waiter service is standard on-board!

There’s a comprehensive cocktail list and a superb selection of wines from around the world, alongside popular spirits, beers and ciders.

Please select the links below to view the menu. Please note, all items are subject to availability.

Beer menu

Gin and Tonic menu

Main Bar menu

Main Wine menu

Soft drinks menu 

As a guide please see below example prices, these are subject to change and will be confirmed once on board.

From Price

Regular Pepsi - £1.95

Pint of Peroni - £4.75

Pint of John Smith - £4.10

Sauvignon Blanc - £4.75 a glass

Merlot - £4.50 a glass

Prosecco - £4.95 a glass

Prosecco - £20.50 a bottle

Tattinger Champagne - £7.85 a glass

Tattinger Champagne - £39.95 a bottle

Mojito - £6.15

Single measure of spirit plus mixer - £4.55

A spirit on it's own - £3.25

Protecting the environment

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We are dedicated to preserving the marine environment in which we operate, and therefore believe it is our duty to introduce environmental practices which set a high standard of excellence and responsibility.

To support our aim we have developed an environmental management system independently certified to ISO 14001, which is the most widely recognised global standard for improving environmental performance. We recognise that without appropriate treatment the waste generated on board our ships, together with the fuel and other products we use to transport, feed, entertain and take care of you could have an impact on the environment. Our waste treatment facilities ensure that all waste water is appropriately managed to minimise its impact upon the oceans. All general waste is treated on board to reduce its volume prior to landing ashore, and wherever possible general waste is recycled. We are reducing our air emissions through the implementation of fuel efficiency measures, including improved hull coatings, low energy lamps, increased recirculation of waste heat and improved efficiency in air conditioning, and we continue to explore new technologies. Through these measures and other initiatives P&O Cruises will ensure that we help preserve our environment for future generations.  

Spanish IVA (VAT) On Bar and Dining Charges

Following changes in European VAT Regulations, Spanish IVA (VAT) at a rate of 10% is payable on all bar charges, Select Dining cover charges and room service charges whilst our ships are located in Spanish territorial waters, (i.e. during the times when we are entering and exiting Spanish ports as well as the time we are alongside in Spanish ports). Prices displayed in our bars, restaurants and room service menus are exclusive of this tax and therefore an additional 10% will be added to all bar charges, Select Dining cover charges and room service charges whilst our ships are in Spanish territorial waters. The Spanish IVA (VAT) element will be itemised separately on your receipt.

European VAT in Shops, Photo Gallery & Spa

Due to European VAT Regulations, VAT is payable during certain cruises, where the ship does not call at a port outside of the EU.

This VAT will be payable on the following on-board items – goods purchased in the on-board shops, Photo Gallery and products purchased in the Spa. It does not apply, however, to treatments and services in the Spa.  During the period where VAT will be charged you will be unable to purchase liquor and tobacco products for taking home.

Prices displayed on board are exclusive of VAT and therefore the VAT element will be added to the advertised price, where applicable, upon purchase. The VAT element will be itemised separately on your receipt.

The periods when German, Spanish or UK VAT are due will be confirmed on board via the ship’s newspaper.