Essential Information

Guests are advised when booking this experience 1 adult ticket will include 1 wheelchair accessible place and 1 companion seat. For guests own health and safety, regrettably mobility scooters cannot be accommodated on accessible vehicles. Should a guest require more than 1 companion seat, please see the on-board Shore Experience team for further availability.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, so whilst the chances of spotting them are high, sightings cannot be guaranteed. The optimum conditions to view them (away from the city) are in darkness, with minimal light pollution, although the 2 most important factors to consider are the level of solar activity and if there are clear skies or not, and this is where Trygve’s expertise comes into play. The camps visited can be anywhere between a 15 minute and 1¼ hour’s drive, and will be chosen on the day, depending upon optimal conditions. The temperature can drop significantly in the evenings so please ensure you wear plenty of layered warm clothing and sturdy, enclosed shoes as you will be walking on the snow and over uneven ground. This tour is not suitable for guests with medical conditions that are affected by the extreme cold. We recommend that you carry a torch to assist you whilst walking in the darkness, but ask that it is turned off when viewing the lights.