Essential Information

This tour is non refundable once booked. You will be contacted on board regarding your flight times. There is a strict weight restriction of 16½ stone per person and a height restriction of 6 feet and 4 inches. Your weight and height will be requested on board and must be accurate, as this determines the helicopter configuration. If a guest is over the stated restrictions they will be charged for an additional seat. 2 sizes of helicopter will be used for this tour, depending on the number of guests booked. One helicopter has a maximum capacity of 4 seats; the other has a maximum capacity of 6 seats. The seats are configured with 1 middle seat, which affords views out of both sides, but is not directly beside a window. Preferred seating and flight times cannot be guaranteed. Total flight time is around 30 minutes. guests are provided with headsets for intercom communication with the pilot and one another.